What Is the ADAS system? How does It work?

What Is the ADAS system? How does It work?

Advanced Driver Assistance System is the new electronic system that provides ease in driving. The whole system is based on sensors. It is an artificial intelligence system. The whole system consists of any type of advanced features which facilitate the driving. This system may also provide information about on-road activities. Like traffic congestion, road blockage, closure of the road, the distance between your vehicle and another vehicle. The ADAS system also used to judge fatigue and distraction of the driver. If in any case driver is getting unconscious or feeling fatigued it makes precautionary alerts.

Why Should we install ADAS in our Car?

We are in the era of the technology of artificial intelligence. The ADAD system gives you a safer drive and reduces road accidents. It may assist you very efficiently during night driving. Many big automotive brands are now emphasizing to use the ADAS system.

The mentioned following features will justify. Why should we have ADAS in our car?

Lane Departure Warning System: When the speed exceeds 60 km/hour. It will make an alert to have a safe lane departure if you are about to.

Distance Monitoring: The ADAS camera will detect the ahead vehicle in real-time during driving.

Pedestrian Detection: When there are pedestrians in front of the vehicle, It will remind the driver with sound & icon warning.

Parking Guide: It will help you with parking if you are parking your car in the narrow surrounding. The ADAS will make an alert to maintain a secure distance.

Windshield Calibration

Nowadays, the Automotive industry is continuously evolving and adapting the automated security system. One of the best evolution in the automobile industry is Windshield Calibration on Car Windshield. The windshield calibration includes many safety features to the Car Windshield.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Glare-Free High Beam

Adaptive High Beam

Automatic Parking System

Navigation System

Night Vision

Blind Spot Monitor

Collision Avoiding System

Driver Safety Mechanism

Crosswind Stabilization

Emergency System

Hill Descent Control System

Intersection Assistant

Traffic Sign Recognition.

Importance of Windshield Calibration on Car Windshield.

Autoglass is a very important factor in any vehicle. For the safety and best driving experience, it is very important to have a windshield calibration system on your car windshield. As we already discussed all the main and critical points above. Windshield Calibration integration to our vehicle’s Autoglass makes your driving very safer on any type of road. If you are traveling in the city or you are driving on high-way. We must think about our safety on the road this is not only for us but it is very essentials for our loved and family.

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