What causes Auto Glass Damage?
Damaged Auto Glass

What causes Auto Glass Damage?

No glass has ever been designed to withstand anything or everything that allows the glass to sustain damage. There are factors and reasons that cause auto glass damage.

Major causes that lead to auto glass damage:

Avoid driving behind construction vehicles:

Driving on the road behind the construction vehicles full of rocks, stones, and pebbles can keep your windshield at stake. This means windshield gets exposed to the debris that can hit the windshield while moving. To not compromise with the health of your windshield, it is better to get your windshield repair done for the minor cracks and chips.

Continuous exposure to sunlight:

Continuous exposure of your car’s glass to sunlight can weaken the internal installation of the glasses. In other words, exposure to direct sunlight for long hours can expand the edges of the glass which further cracks the glass. To avoid the damage, one should try to park the car in the shade whenever and wherever possible.

Maintain a sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead:

Rare but there are chances that your car’s glass may get hit by thrown up unexpected debris like pebbles, stones, or rock over the gravel road. So always make sure that you maintain a reasonable distance on the road from the vehicle moving ahead of you.

Thieves smashing the glass:

The best alternative for thieves to get access to your car or stuff left inside the car is via the side windows. They smash the auto glass to get inside the car and run away immediately after their purpose is solved. Unfortunately, there is no solution to protect oneself from the damage. Instead in such cases, auto glass repair comes out to be the only solution.

Accidents on the road:

Last but definitely not the least, in fact, the most important factor that causes auto glass damage is an accident whether minor or major. Although windshields do come with a protective layer, that doesn’t mean it is not susceptible to break-in cases of accident. To not allow this damage to occur, one should be very careful while driving.

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