Prevailing Problems to Sunroof Glass
Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement

Prevailing Problems to Sunroof Glass

Feeling the refreshing breeze from the sunroof during summer spree is so much fun until and unless you have a chipped or cracked sunroof glass. What can turn into the worst nightmare is it starts raining while you are out with a chipped sunroof. It is critical to focus on this issue before it becomes unrepairable and injure any of the people sitting inside. Moreover, it is always good to have knowledge about the car sunroofs in order to deal with issues that might occur sometime unexpectedly.

Let’s discuss the most common issues that a car owner might come across:

Machine-driven Problems:

The most common problem to sunroof glass that is faced by the car owners is the loose-fitting of the sunroof or the glass is broken. Though the technician can repair the sunroof glass for such issues, it is recommended to get the glass replaced by the authorized technician.

Twisted or Popped Sunroof Glass:

The internal cables/ wires may wear out with time, which is one of the reasons for sunroof getting stuck while opening or closing. More often, twisting and sticking of sunroof occurs due to the lubrication problems that can be easily resolved by the technician by applying grease across the tracks. Greasing the tracks is the best option to repair the stuck sunroofs.

Run-down Sunroofs:

Any electric thing runs down over a period of time. A few reasons for the improper functioning of sunroofs are dead motor, a broken wire, or a fused bulb. What a professional always focuses on is the fuse of the sunroof. If the fuse is not the issue then the technician moves on to other aspects of the problem that doesn’t allow the sunroof to function properly.

A small confusion or a wrong approach to fix the sunroof can turn to something big and worse. It is always advised to consult the proper auto glass repair agency to get the issues resolved related to auto glass repair or replacement.

Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement
Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement

How to take care of the Sunroof Glass?

Appropriate care and maintenance are the two aspects of ensuring the longevity of the sunroofs. We’re discussing a few tips to take care of your car’s sunroof:

  • Use a mild detergent and an old brush to remove the wax that builds upon the metal frame of the sunroof.
  • In the case of manually operated sunroofs, always keep a check on mounting hardware to make sure it is not exposed.
  • Always clean your sunroofs with a glass cleaner or a mild detergent to keep it looking like a new.

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