Safeguarding your Newly Replaced Windshield
Windshield Replacement Protection

Safeguarding your Newly Replaced Windshield

Each and everything in this world requires care and so does your windshield, whether it is an old one or a newly replaced windshield. Taking proper care of a newly replaced windshield ensures it stays in good condition and lasts long. A series of steps to make sure your windshield replacement protected for long include:

Patience is the key

We’re always told by our elders “Patience is the key” and this stands true for most of the cases. One should be composed enough to understand that it takes time for the adhesives, used in the windshield replacement process, to dry and set. During the replacement process, various adhesives are used for different purposes. For example, one adhesive is used to hold the glass tight while the other is used to create a waterproof seal around it.

The initial day of a windshield replacement is the most crucial and requires utmost care before taking the car back on road. Therefore, it is advised to have patience and wait for a minimum of one hour to drive the car instantly after the windshield repair or replacement process

Keep your replaced windshield glass clean

Who doesn’t like taking care of a newly born baby? Similarly, for car owners, the newly replaced windshield is a baby that needs care and cleanliness. One should always keep the windshield glass clean from inside as well as outside so as to avoid any external object pushing a force on it. Also, it is recommended not to cover your car for a minimum of two days just after the windshield replacement process.

Do not remove the retention tape

To keep the molding intact and make sure seal stays protected from the sides, the technicians often place a retention tape on the windshield glass. One should not remove the tape for the first few days after the windshield replacement process.

Avoid high-pressure

It takes some time for the new windshield to get set, therefore, one should not go for high-pressure or power washes to avoid any damage to the windshield. Try washing or wiping your car in the initial days of auto glass replacement. Another factor to keep in mind is to be gentle while closing the door so that unnecessary pressure doesn’t affect the adhesive of the glass to come out.

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