Should you replace your car’s damaged Autoglass with a used Autoglass?

Should you replace your car’s damaged Autoglass with a used Autoglass?

It is delinquent to sell a damaged element to the users, be it a damaged mobile phone or a damaged Autoglass. A damaged Autoglass is the one that has either a crack, a chip or any type of deformity. To get Autoglass or windshield repair done, one should make sure that the Autoglass or windshield is new and meets the industry standards. Moreover, it should perfectly fit your vehicle so that you don’t have to burn your pocket if the used Autoglass deteriorates sooner than expected.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why you should not go for used Autoglass/ windshield installation to your vehicle:

You can’t claim insurance for a used Autoglass

The car’s insurance policy states that it will pay for a new Autoglass or windshield replacement process if done. But if the insurance provider comes to know about the used Autoglass/ windshield installation, they may charge you for the service which otherwise they would offer for free.

Your car’s warranty doesn’t cover a used Autoglass

The warranty for a car’s accessories depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some might cover Autoglass repair while others may not. Whatever the root cause be, the warranty covers only the factory parts. This means if you get any other company’s accessories for repair or replacement, your car’s company will not offer any warranty for that. Therefore, you should avoid getting a used Autoglass repair done from any of the Autoglass solutions provider.

Removing an Autoglass damages the Autoglass

Removing an Autoglass from the vehicle uncovers a set of challenges. A set of adhesives is used during an Autoglass installation that makes it nearly impossible to remove without causing damage to it. Therefore, you should never purchase an Autoglass that has been removed from another vehicle or is used.

The bottom line is that you should never purchase a used Autoglass and always go for a new Autoglass or windshield replacement. If you need Autoglass repair services in Dubai, UAE or Middle-East, contact Baloor Auto Glass. We are one of the leading Autoglass solutions provider that covers all your Autoglass needs.

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