Is Your Windshield Installed Correctly?
Windshield installed

Is Your Windshield Installed Correctly?

It is no doubt that many accidents happen these days. One of the major reasons pertaining to this is the windshield installed incorrectly. An unreliable windshield repair or replacement may cause major injuries to the person sitting inside the car. That’s why it is always recommended to get your auto glass service done from the auto glass specialists.

Listed below are a few tips to discover whether your windshield is properly installed or not after the repair or replacement process:

  1. The molding around the windshield should be in line with the frame and should not look messy. The bump in windshield molding indicates the weak installation of the glass. Always be sure that windshield looks right around the edges.
  2. Always check that your windshield adheres perfectly to the corner of the frame without moving at all. It should not look like it has been adjusted to fit the size of your windshield frame. If it doesn’t fit properly, you should get a new windshield for the car.
  3. Auto glass service involves replacing all the old and malfunctioning parts with the new ones. If the technician fails to completely remove the old adhesives then there are high chances that new adhesive won’t allow proper sealing to the window. Therefore, it is recommended that the former seal is properly removed to install a fresh one.
  4. Water leaks are the most important and easiest way to determine the correct installation of your windshield. A poor seal around the edges of the frame causes water to peep inside the car. This factor is of major concern and should be addressed immediately by a certified auto glass repair company like Baloor Auto Glass.
Windshield installed

Baloor Auto Glass is one of the leading providers of auto glass solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Middle-East. If you notice any of the above faults in your windshield, immediately contact us. We’re always available at your service to do the job right because maintaining the safety of riders is our foremost aim.

Be safe and ensure the safety of your loved ones by choosing an experienced and certified windshield technician for your auto glass needs.

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