Gorilla Glass Windshield: A New Wave of Technology in the Auto Glass Industry

A three-layer windshield design is being used since the beginning of the auto glass industry. With no doubt, Gorilla Glass Windshield has been quite effective throughout all these years. Moreover, it has saved millions of lives with its two layers of hardened glass.

In the modern lifestyle filled with inventions, a new technological wave similar to that of screen protectors for mobile is being used for building windshields as well. As the new technology comes with enhancements, this technological change also comes with enhanced features as compared to the current windshields.

How Gorilla Glass is made?

A French artist and chemist named Edouard Benedictus came up to the idea of creating gorilla glass for windshields when he accidentally knocked over a glass beaker that contained nitrocellulose and found the pieces of the class stayed together.

 Gorilla Glass is toughened glass that is made by plunging the glass into molten salt that causes potassium ions to replace sodium ions over the glass surface. This safety glass consisted of two layers of plate glass sandwiching the cellulose film.

Why is Gorilla Glass Windshields better than Current Windshields?

Undoubtedly, Gorilla Glass is much better due to its increased strength which is one of the significant factors it takes less hard work from humans to build. This indirectly means that Gorilla Glass reduces the total weight of the car as well. The reduced weight of the glass bespeaks enhanced automotive abilities like a brake, handle or acceleration. Such augmented changes lead to safe driving with a brighter and clearer view from the windows.

Are Gorilla Glass Windshields Safe for Auto Glass Industry?

The major concern of the automotive industry is to safeguard its customers from any mishappenings. For this reason, gorilla glass comes with the ability to achieve improved car handling. You are soon going to drive the vehicle with the gorilla glass windshield. The increased strength and safety concerns associated with it will definitely allow the automotive industry to adapt and implement this major switch.

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