Can Windshield be Recycled?
Recycled Windshield

Can Windshield be Recycled?

The automotive industry holds the biggest share in increasing greenhouse gas levels. With technology advancements happening every day, better waste management practices are being adopted in the automotive industry to reduce the level of greenhouse gases.

Windshield repair and windshield replacement are the only two solutions to get the damaged windshield fixed. Windshield repair is only applicable in cases when there is no severe damage to the windshield glass. In severe damage, the entire windshield requires to be replaced. This indirectly means that the previous windshield will have to be removed. So what happens to the removed windshield?

The answer is windshield glass is recycled. Though it may get difficult to recycle and transform the windshield, eventually it can be recycled by removing the debris that might have stick on the glass.

How is windshield recycled?

Recycling of windshield glass starts with removing the plastic coating from it. The glass is then crushed into a fine powder before being sieved to the raw material, cullet. Since cullet can’t be used in new windshields, therefore it can be used in the manufacturing of glass or fiberglass products. Thus, using this recycled glass reduces the energy and cost of raw materials required during the glass production process.

Since windshield manufacturing is a slow process due to the short supply of suitable sand required for new windshields. For this reason, it is recommended to get the windshield repaired with the initial damage caused to it. The windshield repair process is economical solutions to the customers and minimizes the waste that occurs in the recycling process.

Different types of Autoglass have different processes for recycling the glass. Broken windshields are recycled to glass wool for the ceramics industry while unbroken windshields are re-used for different parts.

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