Bullet Resistant Auto Glass – Is it necessary?
Bullet Resistant Auto Glass

Bullet Resistant Auto Glass – Is it necessary?

Bullet resistant cars have become the ultimate protection medium for world leaders and political heads. It acts as an easy escape in case of any threat that comes to them. But the question is do we really need bullet resistant auto glass? And if it’s that necessary then are normal people missing out on some safeguarding feature?

Let’s discuss this:

What is Bullet Resistant Auto Glass?

Bullet resistant auto glass is nothing but similar to a normal glass that provides resistance against breakage. Bullet resistant glass is made using laminated glass that has many layers sandwiched together to make it bullet-resistant. What people have a perception of bulletproof glass is that it will protect the glass and people behind the glass from gunfire. But NO. It doesn’t protect the glass from breaking. A glass can anyways be broken if it is regularly been hit with some sharp object.

Bullet Resistant Auto Glass
Bullet Resistant Auto Glass

Advantages or Disadvantages of Bullet Resistant Auto Glass:

High costs

Adding bullet resistant glass to your car may increase your expense as it provides an added advantage of being less prone to breakage. One should use bullet resistant windshield as the windshield is of the higher costs. But getting bulletproof glass for your car will lower your insurance costs. With no extra benefit, bulletproof glass costs you a burning hole in the pocket while reducing the value of your insurance.

More weight

Getting bullet resistant auto glass requires thick doors to handle the weight of the glass. This means it would require heavy motors to be installed for moving windows up and down. This again adds to further expenses of getting a bulletproof glass installed in your car. In case, you still want to get the bulletproof glass you should look around for companies manufacturing budget doors and glass.


It is a misconception that bulletproof glass is quite effective and unbreakable but this is not true. The so-called ‘bullet resistant glass’ breaks when repeatedly hit by some object. This means it is not at all long-lasting and always comes in a standard size. It requires to be cut as per the shape of the window to be installed in the car.

Difficult to drive

The bullet resistant glass comes with thicker materials which makes the car heavy as compared to a normal car. Often the drivers complain of being the car heavy while driving. Moreover, the difficulty in driving can even lead to the break down of the car. The only benefit with heavy materials being used in the car is that it ensures a good road grip.

Deciding Factor

The above-mentioned points depict the disadvantages outweighing the advantages that a bullet-resistant glass offers to the normal public. Whether you use a bullet-resistant glass or a normal glass, breakage will take place. But in the end, it is your choice what you want to go ahead with. If you chose to use bulletproof shields for your car, it is advised to take safety measures while traveling.

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