Back Glass Replacement

Back Glass Repair or Replacement:

Back glass breakage is different from windshield breakage. Whereas, the glass on your windshield remains mostly intact when it is impacted due to the laminate between the glass layers, the back glass (in most applications) is made of tempered glass.

Tempered glass is hardened when it is manufactured, this makes the glass very strong and resistant to impacts more so than windshield glass. The hardening process also gives tempered glass the design characteristic where it “explodes” into small pieces when it does break. This engineered design is done for your safety; so you are not trapped inside of your vehicle and to prevent large pieces of glass from inflicting massive harm to the vehicle’s occupants during a crash.

Most likely when your back glass is broken there will be very little of the glass left on the frame of your car. This ‘exploding’ of the glass is completely normal and will most likely result in small pieces of glass throughout the back section of the vehicle.

In order to replace the back or rear window of the car, the remaining glass along with the urethane bead needs to be removed. All of the glass should be cleaned up, along with any shards that fell into the trunk, back seat or tailgate. Once the pinch weld and the glass are prepared properly, the back glass can be installed.

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