How to prevent Autoglass windshield cracks from spreading?

How to prevent Autoglass windshield cracks from spreading?

Autoglass windshields act as a safety magnet to the passengers inside the vehicle that protect you from wind, heat, rain, and various other weather conditions. Regardless of how much you take care of your windshield, it will eventually have cracks. A small crack in the windshield may not cause any harm to the passengers but when that crack starts to expand then it is definitely a cause to worry. The spreading of windshield cracks reduces the level of safety it provides to you and the passengers.

Ignoring the smallest crack every time leads you to a risky road when you drive it with the damaged windshield. Thereby, it is essential to consider any damage to the Autoglass seriously so that the untreated crack doesn’t cause damage to the entire windshield. And if you take too much time in getting the windshield repair done, it will not only lead you to get the entire windshield replacement process done but will also cost you much more.

How to take care of autoglass windshield cracks?

The first and foremost step is always to evaluate the level of damage caused. Successfully evaluated, you can take considerable measures to get the windshield repair done. Only a foot long crack can be repaired but if the crack spreads or is longer than one foot then you might have to get the entire windshield replaced, depending on the level of damage.

The basic step to take care of your car’s cracked windshield is to drive slowly and carefully. Don’t rush drive near the potholes that can cause a sudden jerk and reduce the life of your cracked windshield.

If for any serious reason you are unable to get windshield repair done, then you can opt for the super-glue trick. A super-glue is a temporary fix for a minor crack windshield. Simply put the glue over the crack and spread evenly. Let it dry before you start using your car again. This trick will temporarily halt the crack from spreading but eventually, you will have to get back to Autoglass solutions provider for getting your windshield crack fixed.

Another factor that can help you in decreasing crack growth is avoiding high temperatures. Exposure of windshield to extreme temperatures spread the cracks slowly to the entire windshield.With all the factors discussed above, the best and reliable one is to get your windshield repaired as early as possible from the professional Autoglass service center like Baloor Auto Glass. We are one of the leading Autoglass solutions providers in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle-East.

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