Damaged Autoglass Far Away from Autoglass Service Center. What to do?
Autoglass Service Center

Damaged Autoglass Far Away from Autoglass Service Center. What to do?

Imagine you being in the middle of the vacation, away from your hometown and Autoglass damage is what you encounter. This damage on your road trip definitely comes as a shock to you. You don’t know what to do next. With confusion compounded in your mind, you are unable to find any Autoglass service center nearby.

We will discuss a few tips to help you ride out safely if ever you come across such a situation.

Stop driving immediately and search for nearby Autoglass service center

The first step is to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Find a safe place with identifiable landmarks to park your car. It is not safe to drive along with even the slightest damaged Autoglass.

Remove the broken pieces of Autoglass

Once everyone is out of the car, remove broken pieces of glass with the help of thick rubber gloves so that you don’t hurt yourself during this cleaning process. Use a sponge to remove tiny pieces of glass from seats, carpets and dashboard. If possible, vacuum beneath the seats to remove all the glass particles.

Contact your insurance provider

Call up your insurance company and ask them if they provide any roadside assistance to get the car reach its Autoglass service center. If they don’t provide any assistance in such a situation, ask them for some nearby shops that accept their insurance claim as payment.

Try fixing with temporary solutions

If you don’t find any Autoglass solutions provider nearby and left with no other option, you can try fixing your Autoglass with temporary solutions to reach to the nearest Autoglass service center. Cover the broken Autoglass with a plastic bag and duct tape. This will help you drive a few miles safely.

Get assistance from Autoglass service center

Once you reach any Autoglass service center using the recommendation from your insurance provider, ask about the relevant details like the pickup and drop service, total repair time and more.

A damaged Autoglass can’t spoil your road trip completely. Just follow these tips and enjoy your vacation safely.

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