Auto Glass FAQs 2019

Auto Glass FAQs 2019

At Baloor Auto Glass, we’ll help answer your questions and get your vehicle back on the road. Read the most frequently asked questions about auto glass repair or replacement, windshield repair or replacement:

Auto Glass FAQs

Difference between Auto Back Glass Replacement and Windshield Replacement?

In case you hit your car and the back-glass shatters brutally, you may definitely want to get it replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent dirt, rain, or dust from entering inside. But as you go to an Autoglass solutions provider, you find out that the price of the auto back glass replacement is different from that of windshield replacement.

You can stop wondering the reason behind such difference because we are listing down a few reasons why there is a difference in price quotation of auto back glass and windshield replacement.

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Bullet Resistant Auto Glass – Is it necessary? 

Bullet resistant cars have become the ultimate protection medium for world leaders and political heads. It acts as an easy escape in case of any threat that comes to them. But the question is do we really need bullet-resistant auto glass? And if it’s that necessary then are normal people missing out on some safeguarding feature?

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Is Your Windshield Installed Correctly? 

It is no doubt that many accidents happen these days. One of the major reasons pertaining to this is the windshield installed incorrectly. An unreliable windshield repair or replacement may cause major injuries to the person sitting inside the car. That’s why it is always recommended to get your Autoglass service done from the auto glass specialists.

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What causes Auto Glass Damage?

No glass has ever been designed to withstand anything or everything that allows the glass to sustain damage. There are factors and reasons that cause Autoglass damage.

Avoid driving behind construction vehicles – Driving on the road behind the construction vehicles full of rocks, stones, and pebbles can keep your windshield at stake. This means windshield gets exposed to the debris that can hit the windshield while moving. To not compromise with the health of your windshield, it is better to get your windshield repair done for the minor cracks and chips.

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Can Windshield be Recycled? 

The automotive industry holds the biggest share in increasing greenhouse gas levels. With technology advancements happening every day, better waste management practices are being adopted in the automotive industry to reduce the level of greenhouse gases.

Windshield repair and windshield replacement are the only two solutions to get the damaged windshield fixed. Windshield repair is only applicable in cases when there is no severe damage to the windshield glass. In severe damage, the entire windshield requires to be replaced. This indirectly means that the previous windshield will have to be removed. So what happens to the removed windshield?

The answer is windshield glass is recycled. Though it may get difficult to recycle and transform the windshield, eventually it can be recycled by removing the debris that might have stick on the glass.

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