Difference between Auto Back Glass Replacement and Windshield Replacement?

Difference between Auto Back Glass Replacement and Windshield Replacement?

In case you hit your car and the back-glass shatters brutally, you may definitely want to get it replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent dirt, rain, or dust from entering inside. But as you go to an auto glass repair agency, you find out that the price of the auto back glass replacement is different from that of windshield replacement.

You can stop wondering the reason behind such difference because we are listing down a few reasons why there is a difference in price quotation of auto back glass and windshield replacement.

Back Glass Replacement

Defrost Grid is installed on the back glass:

The auto back glass of your car is connected to a defrost grid that helps ice and snow melt off during the cold winter mornings. Installing a defrost grid is a time-consuming process which is why it takes more bucks to repair or replace the broken glass.

Different glass is used in building the back glass:

Another factor varying the price of the auto back glass and windshield glass is the material that is used while making the auto back glass. The auto back glass is made up of tempered glass as compared to windshield glass that is made up of laminated glass. The laminated glass is strong enough to protect the riders if something hits the windshield. Whereas, the tempered glass breaks down into smaller chunks of glass and is designed in a way that the broken pieces are not sharp which helps prevent injuries.

Proper cleaning is required for auto back glass replacement:

Since the auto back glass is designed with tempered glass that is prone to shattering into thousands of tiny pieces, it takes technicians much time to properly clean the car and the area around the back window before installing a new one. While in case of windshield replacement, no such time-consuming tasks are performed hence, the cost of replacing both varies.

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